The Best New Year’s Eve Makeup Look


2018 probably didn't bring out the fab you as much you wanted. With the countless times, the makeup or outfit went wrong, and you just had to compensate it with a better look the next day.

Looking back might not actually be pleasant memories, but you can make 2019 better from the first day. And maybe you are already feeling off with the impossibility of looking superb with the available materials, don't get choked up because of your anxiety, here is a few easy to do make up for your new year's eve party!

"There are no confines to the eye gleam you give yourself."

Try Out an Irresistible Eyeshadow

There are no confines to the eye gleam you give yourself. If you do a smoky eye with a little artistic expression, you have every reason to be a sought-after party mate. It is best to try out an eyeshadow that brings out the look you intend to keep. Whether you want an eyeshadow that is multicolored or with a little shimmer, just take hold of the game and play to be the winner. Try any eye look you choose and fits you perfect and rock it like a boss.

Multicolored eyeshadow with a little shimmer

Multicolored eyeshadow with a little shimmer


Go for that bounteous lips

The options with the flawless lips to rock are boundless. It is best to give out a lip that complements your eyeshadow. 

Smoky eye:

To every smoky eye, the best kind of lips is either a nude or a slightly glossy one. With this kind of lips, attention will be more on the shadow that you have on. This is very easy to do even with your regular gloss and nude lipstick.

Shimmer eye:

A shimmer eye is better expressed with a not-too-bold colored lip, leaving a well-defined enthrallment on the eye. 

Plain eye:

A bold and striking lip goes well with an eye that is left bare. So if you decide to leave your eye simple, then consider bringing out your lips with bold and ravishing lips. The best color for this lip is red. With this lip shades, be ready to give yourself a lasting look for the year 2019.


Don’t forget the cheeks

Your cheeks give definition to your entire face, so as you prepare for a dazzling makeup for that new year’s party, keep in mind to leave behind an unforgettable look with your cheeks. Getting a very expensive highlighter to keep your face glowing all night might not be doable, but with the right spray, your face will look fresh all night. After putting on the right eyeshadow, you so much know you can pull off and applying that ever ready to look at lip gloss, highlighting your cheeks is the next step which should not leave out the spray that sets the whole face.

Cheeks highlighted for contouring.

Cheeks highlighted for contouring.


So, to write a new year’s look with that awesome makeup, consider following the above tips. Get yourself ready with three most important makeup features and don’t forget to rock it best with a smile.

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