Makeup for Night Out Party


Going to a night party could be fun. But, what could arguably be more fun than the party itself is dressing up for it. Going for a night out party surely you want to look as fly as you feel. We asked our makeup artist Bob Derbas about his useful makeup tips and tricks for a night out party:

"A guaranteed way to look fly and stand out is to look like a star."

Glitz and glamour

“A guaranteed way to look fly and stand out is to look like a star, and you can aptly get this look by embedding glitters into your makeup”, says Bob. This could be by adding confetti on your lips, incorporating shimmer to your eyebrows, using shimmering highlighter, using glittery lip matte or even wearing a full eye and lips glittery makeup.

Glitz Glam Eyeshadow & Subtile Glitter Rocks your eyes.

Glitz Glam Eyeshadow & Subtile Glitter Rocks your eyes.


Metallic eyeliner

You might want to draw attention to your eyes and doing this will see you want to opt for any of the double cat-eye (lining your upper and lower lids), light and dark (an incorporation of cat-eye and glitters), attention-grabbing (enlarging your cat-eye by extending it up and out to totally cover your eyelids), personal style (using your eyeliner as you please on your eye area, even if it means drawing random shapes) or the color dash (experimenting with colors other than black) effects. You could as well simply sweep your eyeliner across your lids.

Gold Metallic Eyeliner

Gold Metallic Eyeliner


Smoky Eyes

While you could go super smoky by wearing a smoky cat-eye makeup, you can also decide to focus only on your lower lids. As an alternative, you can ditch the black and opt for bold colors like red, pink and blue that are sure to make your eyes the cynosure of … well, all eyes, brings eyes on you!

Awesome smokey eyes by  @jackgaaz

Awesome smokey eyes by @jackgaaz



“If you want to take it up a notch, I always recommend my clients to wear false lashes to let your eyes pop”, says Bob. You can do this by either sporting full false eyelashes set or by simply adding a few individual strands on the outer corners of the eyes. The result is cheeky yet bold!


Lips Lips Lips!

And probably the most conventional of all, go for bold lips. Nothing brings more attention to your lips than wearing bold colors; especially red. This could even have you feeling as daring as you look.

The beautiful and helpful

The beautiful and helpful

"Make time for makeup!"

“Make time for makeup” explains Bob. Irrespective of which of the aforementioned you decide to go with, always ensure you take your time to decide what you want to look like and what makeup will help you achieve this.

Opt for long-stay products as you are likely to have a long night. Stick to neutral shades if you aren’t too comfortable with colors. But if you like experimenting with these, you can go all out if you want. Have fun!

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