Makeup for your first date


As tense as you probably look now you really don’t want your date to see you like this. First dates can be nerve wracking with all the anxiety and uncertainty about the other person. Not to worry, you are beautiful, smart and after tonight there’s going to be a second date.

Let’s say you have already picked out what you are going to wear and had your inner stylist on standby. The next and most important thing is your makeup. Makeup (when done correctly) is the ultimate beauty enhancer. You are very pretty but makeup will highlight your best facial features. Now, to ensure that you don’t go out with a clown/scary looking makeup, we are going to list out some of the perfect makeup looks you can wear on first dates.

"The goal of this journey is to look as beautiful and as comfortable as you possibly can."

Nude lips

The goal of this journey is to look as beautiful and as comfortable as you possibly can without looking like it took so much effort along the way. Nude lips will do that for you. All you need to do is to find the perfect nude shade and just go for it. Nude lips makes your other facial features more noticeable, like your cheekbone and chin. This look is sure to make you look amazing.

Low ponytail with nude lips

Low ponytail with nude lips


Winged eyes

What better way to emphasize your beautiful eyes than making it winged. You will not only look like a doll, but you’ll be the most beautiful doll in the room. Also remember to underline your eyes so that it really pops.

Winged eyeliner in 4 steps

Winged eyeliner in 4 steps


Contoured cheeks

Give your cheekbones that extra visibility by contouring your face. Watch out for your T-zone and with a contour palette mark the areas that light directly hits and just contour away. Aside from making your cheekbones pop, contouring makes your makeup look more defined and professional. Don’t forget to add a little bit of blush on those cheeks, bronzer too. 

Cheeks highlighted for contouring.

Cheeks highlighted for contouring.


Glossy Lips

This looks just brings out the sultry part in you. This look will channel your sexy side and leave your date in absolute awe. Whether you highlight the other areas of your face or not, this look can stand alone and still make you look really pretty. Your natural lips will look so plump and so kissable, go for it.

Makeup is the ultimate invention. From accentuating women’s facial features it has evolved to become an actual beauty and fashion must have. First dates come with first impressions and since you are already very interesting, your date should see your soul your beautiful winged eyes, your sense of humor through the flush in your soft cheeks or the sweetness in your voice through your sultry lips. 

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