Irritation, swelling and other allergies when dying your hair? Here is the solution!


The ammonia free hair colors is a trend that is being used extensively in coloring hairs. It is considered safer and better than the other means of coloring hair and it is also said to bring a lot of shine and warmth to the hair.

In giving your hair the ammonia free color treatment, we make use of high quality and premium products like Kerastase, Loreal, PPD & PTD free which provides the full grey coverage your hair needs. We also make sure we don’t render any service that may damage your hair and scalp in anyway.

"Since there is no ammonia, there is also no smell and no irritation if you have sensitive skin"


Using ammonia for the coloring and dyeing of hair could lead to discomfort and allergy for some individuals. Ammonia coloring might wash out earlier than desired as well and there is the little issue of repugnant smells that some individuals have complained about. With the ammonia free hair colors, there is no issue of discomfort as the chemicals used does not allow for deeper diffusion into the hair which prevents swell and the allergy witnessed by individuals who makes use of ammonia. “The colors take longer to wash and since there is no ammonia, there is also no smell and no irritation if you have sensitive skin” says our Master Stylist Mike Alam.


We recommend to use ammonia-free color when you are coloring your hair for the first time and want to cover your first gray or if you just want to add some shine and warmth to your natural color without dealing with the hassle of having to touch up your roots every four weeks. Most ammonia-free color disappears gradually each time you shampoo and we personally love working with ammonia-free color because of the shine of the color and the way it makes hair feel.


To round it up, ammonia free colors for dyeing and hair coloring is better because:

  • Absence of irritation, swelling and other allergies 

  • Gives shinier hair colors

  • Has a long lasting effect of the colors

At MIKE&JACK, we use L’Oréal INOA ammonia free hair colours  with 22 patents for a color that is pure, vibrant and more beautiful than ever to make sure you enjoy a much more comfortable colored hair that shines brighter and remains for longer. And as part of our non-damage policy, we always consult our clients to discuss pros and cons when considering ammonia free colors.

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Novali Zetterberg