You have curly and frizzy but want straight and smooth?


Curly, thick, kinky and frizzy hair do have their days. Some days it looks really nice like you came out of a commercial, and other days it looks like you got hit by a bus. If this is what you are going through, we have an easy solution that rhymes with hair care. When we asked our Master Stylist Mike Alam about this, he mentions a variety of solutions for clients with curly and frizzy hair who (in this context) prefer it straight and smooth, ranging from the Keratin and Protein treatments to many others. But before we head into all that, let’s highlight some few terminologies and spell out the treatments that we do not recommend.

First off, treatments like the Japanese Straightening or Thermal Reconditioning treatments are very harmful to your hair”, says Mike. They lead to shrinkage and prolonged breakage, thus we don’t recommend or provide these treatments at our salon.

Keratin/Protein Treatments

Normally, the human hair is made up of Keratin, and this treatment is based on replenishing the lost protein due to chemical exposure of the hair, amidst bad weather and all other factors. This treatment is done by repairing the damaged areas in the hair leaving it shiny, straight, much less frizzy and very easy to style. 

At MIKE & JACK we recommend a handful of treatments and services to get rid of frizzy/curly hair, they are below in ranked order; 

  • Botox Treatment

  • Keratin/Protein Treatments (Brazilian straightening)

  • Hair Rebonding

"Botox treatment for hair is all about adding depth to the hair by individual filling of hair fibers giving it that full, shiny look"

Botox Treatment

This treatment works under the same principle of botulinum toxin (the ingredient for wrinkle removal) but you won’t need injections or anything of the kind, all that is needed is the shampoo and the hair Botox. Hair Botox treatment is a deep conditioning one which uses Keratin as a filler to fill in broken or damaged hair strands and areas thereby giving it a lustrous and shiny appearance rather than frizzy and dry.

Botox treatment for hair is all about adding depth to the hair by individual filling of hair fibers giving it that full, shiny look”, says Mike. The product is applied and massaged onto the hair from the root to the tips and left for about an hour or more before rinsing off. Also for full recovery and results, some stylists may skip the rinsing stage and go ahead to dry and straighten the hair. To get the absolute best and lasting results, do not try this at home.

Brazilian straightening Keratin/Protein

This treatment has really taken over the hair industry with its increasing popularity. It is a very healthy treatment which when done right poses zero threat to client’s hair. Keratin treatments are chemical treatments that often contain formaldehyde. The formaldehyde is used to “lock” or “freeze” hair strands into a straight position to help keep them smooth. After the keratin is applied and massaged into the hair, a flat iron of about 450 degrees is used to straighten and lock in the keratin into the hair strands giving it a straight and shiny finish.

The treatment is completely safe, takes about 2 hours to complete and last for about 3-4 months. 


Hair Rebonding

“Re bonding uses chemicals to straighten frizzy/curly hair and also give it a lustrous shine”, says Mike. Hair rebonding simply has to do with using a hair softener to break the natural curly hair and a neutralizer to build back the hair structure. This treatment is perfect for people who have year round frizzy hair that needs taming. Although it works beautifully, one should use caution with this treatment as it can lead to fragile/weak hair. The treatment takes about three hours to complete.

"“Both treatments are very effective for controlling, smoothening and straightening frizzy hair, the only major difference being in the products used”.

Botox vs. Keratin Treatments

“Both treatments are very effective for controlling, smoothening and straightening frizzy hair, the only major difference being in the products used” explains Mike Alam.

For Botox hair treatment, the products used do not contain formaldehyde or other chemicals that can be harsh on hair like the products used in Keratin treatment do. Aside from this, the Keratin treatment is focused primarily on straightening hair, while hair Botox is an intense conditioning treatment which restores damaged hair. To get the best results, walk into a salon and let your stylist assess your hair and tell you the best option for it. 


At MIKE & JACK, we offer several different kinds of Keratin Treatments depending on result and type of hair. Kerastase Discipline Series, eliminates frizz and introduces a shiny straight hair. The treatment takes about 2 hours to complete treatment and if done by a professional it’s known to last for at least 3-4 months.

Alfaparf detangling cream, protects hair from heat damage and makes styling easier. For smoothening we use the real deal Brazilian Let Me Be protein smoothening treatment which takes about an hour to reach completion for frizzy hair leaving it smooth, straight and soft. 

For Hair Botox Treatments, we use our very own MIKE & JACK Hair Botox® Treatment containing several key active ingredients such as caviar oil, BONT-L peptide, vitamin B-5, E vitamins, collagen complex and Keratin. The product is a one-size-fits-all and eliminates split ends, damaged hair and frizzy hair leaving it smooth, shiny, lustrous and very soft.  

Taming frizzy/curly hair can be done in less painful and more effective ways however, make sure you visit a trusted salon to achieve the best result. At MIKE & JACK, we offer our clients a free consultation and discuss the range of products for our treatment variety to make sure you get the best results.

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