Balayage or Ombre, what to choose?


Putting highlights to your hair can add that 'omph' to your looks. Two very popular ways of achieving highlights involves using the Balayage or the Ombre technique. These two techniques are quite similar but at the same time different.

"Bleached hair requires more attention in order to keep it healthy"


This highlighting technique was developed in the 1970's at an exclusive salon known as the Carita salon, in Paris. Balayage is a French word that means "to sweep", and literally involves painting on hair colour to the surface of one's hair in order to achieve a natural looking sunkissed-like hair. The colour is applied to the hair strands by hand and so, does not require the use of foils or cap when highlighting. The hair roots are kept darker to give dimension and add volume while the colour is carefully applied to blend throughout the hair.  “Achieving the look requires spending time and money on hair treatments because bleached hair requires more attention in order to keep it healthy”, says Jack, our Master Stylist at MIKE&JACK. We recommend you get this look at a professional salon since heat from the curling iron can damage the hair, especially since it is bleached.

What we like Balayage

  • This type of highlight is pretty low maintenance. You do not need regular touch-ups and can carry the look for quite some time.

  • Balayage is very easy to grow out your hair as the shade difference of the coloured highlights isn't usually more than 2-3. 

Worth knowing

  • You will need to spend more time styling your hair. Balayage highlights are more pronounced and enhanced when the hair is wavy or curled.



Ombre is a French word that means "to shade", " shading" or "shadow". It is the gradual process of highlighting hair, starting with darker roots and ending lighter ends or tips. However, it can be achieved when done in the reverse (lighter roots, darker ends). It gives a more obvious look than the Balayage, as the highlighted ends can range from subtle shades to a really dramatic change in colour. The Ombre was made popular by Brittany Spears in the year 2000 and has since remained in vogue.

"Ombre enhances one looks and draws attention to the face, eyes and skin"

Why we like Ombre

  • This look can be used to express one's personality and mood. Colours chosen can be vibrant and fun. It is easy to grow out or cut off.

  • “Ombre enhances one looks and draws attention to the face, eyes and skin”, says Jack. It compliments each and giving an overall endearing look.

  • Ombre can be used on almost all skin types. Consult with one of our stylist on shades and tones that suit your skin colour.

Worth knowing

  • Requires regular touch-ups.

  • Bleached hair when not properly taken care of, can become brittle or broken, damaging your hair.

Overall, we recommend our clients to choose Balayage to achieve the fun, 'been on holiday' look and Ombre, for a more dramatic, bold look”, say Jack.

However, we urge to take very good care of your hair. Use good quality shampoos, conditioners and hair cream. Keep your hair hydrated and well oiled. Most importantly, do not attempt to get these looks at home, get a good hair stylist you trust, or you may end up with a terrible hair and an unflattering look. At MIKE & JACK, we are licensed to do this and more.

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