How To Slay On Valentines Day


With the celebration of love around the corner, we know you ladies are preening to look your best on this day.

Hair is an important factor that mustn't be set aside as it complements the facial features and outfit worn. The search for the best salon that offers clients series of treatments free of harsh chemicals while undergoing consultation with our hair specialist provides all you need know on the best hairstyles, highlights and trims you need to have to slay and look good for your partner on that day.

"Highlights and trims you need to have to slay and look good for your partner on that day."

Normal Hair

This has the easiest care routine as oil production is normal.

  • Shampoo less, condition more: Shampoos acts as a dirt removal hence the dried out feel that the hair is left with. To reduce this, make sure to condition your hair regularly to restore back the moisture lost when you wash. So also keep in mind to use the same range of products to benefit more. 

  • Regular hair trims not only instigate healthy growth of hair but also keep you looking beautiful and chic.

Low ponytail with nude lips

Oily Hair

This is another common hair type and as the name implies there is increase in the production of oils and this can attract dirt and cause a number of woes to the hair. 

  • Stay away from shampoo’s: Washing your hair regularly confuses the sebum glands to produce more oil hence the need for a strict wash day of 2-3 times a week.

  • Lemon hair rinse: This is a nice hair tip that reduces oil production on the scalp while cleansing away all impurities, regular use causes healthy growth. 


Dry Hair

Frizzy, unruly, lacks moisture and is just stubborn. People with this hair type need patience to get the best out of it, basically what happens is there’s little production of oils in the sebaceous glands leaving a lackluster look.

  • Deep conditioning this hair type and massaging the scalp with essential oils like; olive oil and coconut oil. This not only makes it softer and easier to comb through but also gives it that health sheeny without going overboard.

  • Wrap wet-dry: Since it is prone to drying up quickly, this method of drying would not only keep the moisture locked in but also prevent fizziness.

Avoid hair dryers, they can do more harm to your hair by over drying and causing split ends. 


Knowing your hair type first is key and remember to always wear itwith pride, regardless what type you have.

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