Hair HYDRATING Treatments

Exposed to the elements and ravaged by daily styling and frequent colouring, it's no wonder your hair can end up frizzy, dull, and dry.  Time to start caring for your hair and scalp in the same way you care for your complexion. Your follicles will thank you! No matter what your hair type, how much time you have, or how dire the frizz-factor, there's a hair mask for you.


L’Oréal Professional Serie Expert

Each woman’s hair is unique, differing according to several criteria: hair type, past treatment and beauty routines, as well as the different needs and desires of each person.

The L’Oréal Professional Serie Expert is a range of Powermix treatments, highly concentrated in active ingredients, freshly mixed at the last minute to instantly transform hair. Hair is instantly magnified by a flash of shine and incredible softness.

After a consultation, our stylist will create your unique Powermix treatment to apply for dry, damaged, frizzy, dull and even thinning hair.



Filling your hair from the inside out, with revitalizing nutrients. 

  • FILLER 1 (SHAMPOO) Clarifies and purifies your hair from all daily deposits that cause loss of fullness.

  • FILLER 2 (PROFESSIONAL TREATMENT) Infused with RG’s Protein Plus, the Filler Professional Treatment fills your hair with revitalizing nutrients, for fuller and stronger results.

  • FILLER 3 (MASQUE) Reinforces your hair by locking moisture into your hair.

  • FILLER 4 (LEAVE-IN) Seals nutrients, fully protects, and polishes hair.