Hair SMOOTHING Treatments

We know you love to have long, beautiful, smooth, shining and straight looking hair. In order to serve you, we offer three type of permanent hair smoothing treatments that are designed to bring out the best out of your hair. Below are our range of trusted, healthy and proven in-salon treatments that straightens and smoothens your hair with a long lasting result.



MIKE&JACK Hair Botox® is our own conditioning and keratin treatment containing several key active ingredients such as caviar oil, BONT-L peptide, vitamin B-5, E vitamins, formaldehyde–free keratin and collagen complex. The treatment is a one-size-fits-all and eliminates split ends, damaged hair and frizzy hair leaving it smooth, shiny, lustrous, and very soft.

Great for curly, frizzy hair, damaged or split ends. The treatment takes about 2 hours and results last for 3-4 months.



The keratin hair smoothing treatment is a semi-permanent hair straightening method accomplished by temporarily sealing a liquid keratin complex and a preservative solution into hair strands with a hair iron.  The treatment help smooth, protect, soften, and relax the hair resulting in up to 50% less blow-dry time and reduce up to 90% of curls.

The treatment removes frizz, add shine, seal in color, and decrease blow dry time. Takes up to 2 hours to complete and last for 3-5 months. This treatment contain formaldehyde and/or formaldehyde-producing ingredients and is not recommended to use for pregnant women.