Colour Services

Whether you’re looking for classic elegance, a celebrity inspired style or an edgy new look, our colour technicians have the knowledge to get your hair into the best condition and colour possible, using the latest colour innovations and products. At MIKE&JACK, our colour technicians are masters of their craft. Concentrating solely on colour services, our they work alongside our senior stylists to ensure that your colour is exactly what you had in mind.



Highlights is a method of creating lighter colours within your hair, bringing more depth, dimension and lightness into your hair. Lowlights/Highlights are a great way to style a new look without changing your hair completely, and look really natural, so the upkeep is minimal.



Balayage is a French word that means "to sweep", and literally involves painting on hair colour to the surface of one's hair in order to achieve a natural looking sunkissed-like hair. The colour is applied to the hair strands by free hand methods to create a gentle fade of colour from the middle to tips of your hair, using patches of colour to create depth and frame the face. The hair roots are kept darker to give dimension and add volume while the colour is carefully applied to blend throughout the hair. 

This type of highlight requires low maintenance, you do not need regular touch-ups and can carry the look for quite around 2-3 months.



Ombre is a French word that means "to shade", " shading" or "shadow". It is the gradual process of highlighting hair, starting with darker roots and ending lighter ends or tips. However, it can be achieved when done in the reverse (lighter roots, darker ends). It gives a more obvious look than the Balayage, as the highlighted ends can range from subtle shades to a really dramatic change in colour.

Perfect for drawing attention to the face, this look can be used to express one's personality and mood. Colours chosen can be vibrant and fun and it is easy to grow out or cut off.


Roots Colour

Roots colour are the perfect way to lift your hair colour or hide those greys. Roots colour is a semi-permanent colour service, ideal to cover small sections of hair with colour.


Californian Highlights

Californian highlights gives your hair that blonde streaks that begin to shine through after some time spent in the sun.  This advanced technique applies highlights vertically with a subtle colour difference between the roots and tips. This contrast creates the balanced impression that your hair is sunbathed just like as spending time at the beach.  When Californian highlights are applied to untreated and uncoloured hair, your new look should last for around six months.

Ideal to make your hair lighter as after spending time on the beach under the radiant sun for several days or weeks.


Shatush Highlights

If you want to have highlights and brightness and the most natural hair without damaging it, we have the solution! Shatush is a colouring technique used to give your hair the “sun-kissed” look – lightening the ends with a free hand method, Shatush aims to create warmth within your hair, as though you’ve been in the sun. Compared to Californian highlights, Shatush gives a more natural more “sunbathing” look.

Ideal to make your hair lighter as after spending time on the beach under the radiant sun for several days or weeks.