Scalp and Hair analysis

Coloured hair is an essential beauty commitment for most women, but it can sometimes mask the telltale signs of an unbalanced scalp. And keeping a healthy scalp is one of the key elements to ensuring you have beautiful, manageable hair. We offer below treatments to detect and address issues with unbalanced scalps and damaged hair to maintain optimum scalp and hair health.



With a revolutionary new in-salon camera the scalp surface is magnified and gives accurate diagnosis. The stylists will assess potential hair damage and places it on a scale from 1 to 4, 1 being slightly damaged, and 4 total destruction of the hair fibre. Once the erosion level has been diagnosed, a personalised treatment will be prescribed for the hair.

Reveals dry or damaged hair, and diagnose your scalp condition for further treatment.



Your stylist will diagnose the best treatment for you. After a relaxing hair bath and scalp massage, enjoy a moment of complete sensory pleasure whilst your treatment is applied layer by layer for immediate and visible transformation of your hair. 

Includes one concentrate and booster from L’Oréal Professional Serie Expert.



The ultimate hair spa experience! Your stylist will diagnose your scalp and hair to create the ultimate, customised treatment. Following a luxurious hair bath and scalp massage, your prescribed hydrating masque or hair repair treatment will be gently worked into the hair fibre where it will remain throughout your extended ritual. To finish your experience a style blow dry to enhance your natural beauty and have you looking your best.

Includes any of the hydrating masques or a hair repair treatment.